When I was introduced to Plexus, I wanted to lose weight and I had diabetes.

Fast forward 6 months, and I’ve lost 51 lbs. and 5 pant sizes, I’m no longer on diabetes medicine, and I never had to start taking the blood pressure or cholesterol medicine that my doctors were planning on giving me.

I lost 40 lbs. using Plexus Slim alone and then over 10 more since I began using Plexus Bio-Cleanse. I generally had 3-4 sinus infections per year in the past, now I have not had one.

My husband has finally started taking Plexus Slim. In just 8 days his blood pressure is down an average of 34 points, from the 130’s to the 90’s, and he has had no need to increase the amount of blood pressure meds he takes like his doctors had previously thought he would.

I’m just amazed. I’ve tried other things, lost weight and gained it right back three or four times. With Plexus Slim, you can stick with it for life.

I was always big, even as a child and as a teenager. Now I’m in all new territory… I am one size smaller today than I was the day I graduated high school!Peggy R, Ackerman, MS

Tim Shramek began taking Plexus Slim on a daily basis in May of 2010 and hasn’t stopped since. He has lost 75 pounds and is now at a comfortable weight, which he maintains with Plexus Slim.

“The people that are gonna be consistent are the people that are gonna be successful; those who aren’t, won’t,” Tim said. “But then again, that’s with anything you do… If everyone was as consistent with Plexus Slim as they were with a can of Coca-Cola or Mountain Dew or a cup of coffee, they would be losing weight and getting healthy.”

As a football coach, many mothers of Tim’s players have asked him what he has done to lose so much weight “So I just tell them to take it [Plexus Slim] and try it.”Tim, S., Clinton Ms.

After 3 months I have lost a total of 44 lbs. I have gotten rid of 4 inches in the waist, from a pants size 42inch to a 38inch waist. I lost 4 inches in the hips, 5 inches in the thigh and 4 inches in the chest. I have been involved in weight loss since 1980 and have never been exposed to a product like Plexus Slim. This is the most energy and excitement I have had in years. It is so easy and enjoyable and the taste is superb. Thank you Plexus Slim.Ken W., Riverview FL

Sheila Medina before taking Plexus Slim Sheila Medina after taking Plexus Slim
Sheila M. Before taking Plexus Slim Sheila M. After taking Plexus Slim

Being on Plexus Slim has changed my life! I have been on Plexus Slim since July 2009 and within the first 10 days I lost 3.5 pounds. After being on the product for 120 days I had already reached my goal of losing 20 pounds. Overall I have lost 21 pounds and 8 inches and I’m keeping it off. Even during the holidays I was able to eat EVERYTHING and anything I wanted and I didn’t gain an ounce, never even exercise once; everyone was so jealous of me. Every morning between 10:30AM to 11:00AM I drink one pack of Plexus Slim, and that’s it! It’s so simple to use unlike other diet products I have tried. I would recommend anyone to give Plexus Slim a try!Sheila M., Ocean Springs, MS

I started to use Plexus Slim September 2009 weighing at 274 and started to see results within the first week. I’ve now lost 58 pounds and noticed I’m even sleeping like a baby; I was always waking up 3 to 5 times a night. And for the first time I’m finally dreaming again.

I’m also a diabetic and before Plexus Slim I was taking about 20 Units of insulin before all my meals, but depending on how high my sugar levels were would determine how much more insulin I needed on top of the 20 I was already taking. As well as another 70 units of  “long acting” insulin before all my meals.  One day I had a doctor’s appointment and he read all my blood sugar levels, then asked me “What are you doing different? Your sugar levels are low”. Now I only have to take half the dosage, which is a huge relief.  Overall, I am much happier and healthier now that I’m taking Plexus Slim.Ronnie, C., Gulfport Ms.

Losing weight is not an easy task. It would be great if we could just program ourselves to change our bad eating habits and our sedintary life style but thats just not the way we are wired. There are alot of pills out there that are thermogenic and give you energy and I have used them and have promoted thier use but un…der supervision and monitoring because unfortunately they do produce side effects and who needs that.

That’s why I am so locked into Plexus Slim. I do not have to worry about bad out comes like tachycardia (rapid heart beat) or anxiety or the numerous other side effects produced by these products. I am not here to slam any of those products but as a Registered Nurse I have the responsibility to utilize the safest mode of weight loss I can find in my recommendations. I feel totally confident in Plexus Slim and urge you to try it, after all there is a 60 day money back guarantee and you can’t beat that. If you have an obese child the time is now not when they reach adulthood and these bad habits are cemented in thier brains and or they develope diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Over the past 30 days I have lost 17 lbs. and my blood sugar has decreased by 30 pts making it neccessary to reduce my insulin intake. Results vary I am 6’5″ and weighed 313 when I started outDavid, B., San Antonio Tx.

It was september 5, 2009 in Gulfport, Mississippi. I had been weighed at a doctors visit about a week prior and weighed 328 pounds. From trying plexus the first day I signed up to be an ambassador later that night. I was that impressed with how the appetite manager almost completely curbed my hunger, and virtually eliminated my snacking urges; that I always have later in the evenings. Thirty days later i weighed 302 pounds – Shelia Medina said it best “Don’t change your life, let plexus change it for you.” SHE WAS RIGHT !!!! Today is Thanksgiving day and this morning i weighed again 302 but i have only been taking about 2-3 plexus a week to see what it would take to maintain. As of Black Friday I will be making another big push to get down to my target weight of 250 pounds by march of 2010. I love this product !!! One bottle of water with a plexus packet once a day – how easy is that ?? & it’s all natural – I AM THERE !!! Also I have now been over two days without a cigarette. I love this stuff.George R – Gulfport, MS


A clinical study was conducted in 2008 from June through October. The study was conducted with 8 type 2 diabetes patients of mixed gender and age. While all patients carried excess weight to varying degrees, the primary purpose of this study was to see how well the product reduced glucose levels in Type 2 diabetics. The weight loss was a secondary consideration.

Picture 1

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Study Results: All patients experienced improvement in the above listed areas and categories. Many times shedding the final 5–10 pounds of excess weight is the most difficult. It is important to note that even patients with relatively little excess weight (5–10 lbs) were able to shed these excess pounds.

I weighed 309.9, 9-1-09 weighed 298 down almost 12 pounds. My waist started at 56¼” now 54 3/4″, blood sugar was 324 now it’s 108 area most of time with a few readings in 150′s. I started with one plexus slim a day but like two a day much better. We are very happy with the progress. Thank you and God bless you and your company

Update: In 8 weeks I am down 17 3/4 pounds 3/4″ from neck 3″ from waist. blood sugar normal most of time. I have started taking a little less of the two types of insulin shots I was taking daily three times a day and blood sugar is still doing great. I am 78 and use a walker and an electric wheelchair. So this is without exercise. I had a closed head injury a few years ago and had to learn to walk and talk again and this product Plexus Slim is beginning to give me some freedom once again.Bill L., Springdale, AR

Feeling really good-sleeping better and have more energy and happy with results so far.Fran M. New Zealand


I began taking Plexus Slim since the beginning of March 2010 with a weight of 260 pounds to date I am 220.3 pounds.
This product has been great for me due to the fact that I’m a diabetic and my sugar levels are now lower than before.

Plexus Slim has also reduced my cravings for soft drinks and sweet snacks which to me is a battle already won.Kala Akii-Bua. Trinidad

January 27th, 2010 – I Started Plexus Slim December 15, 2009 and have lost 12 LBS, ½ Inch on each of my thighs, and a full inch off of my hips. The first two weeks I didn’t lose weight but was noticing my clothes were getting loose. I’m still on Plexus and have been very happy with the results I’ve gotten so far.Charleen L. Gulfport, MS

Glucose was 92, now 95, normal is 70-110
Total Cholesterol was 298, now 232, normal is 120-199, still high but much better!
Triglycerides were 171, now 80, normal is 50-150, I am thrilled!
HDL Cholesterol was 43, now 46, normal is 40-75
LDL Cholesterol was 221, now 170, normal is 63-129, still high, but much improved!

Liver Panel:
AST (SGOT) was 101, now 34, normal is 0-40, AWESOME!
ALT (SGPT) was 226, now 48, normal 0-40, getting really close to normal!
All in all, I feel there has been a huge improvement, and where my doctor thought I may have had fatty liver disease, now there is no evidence of it! I am well pleased and feel very confident in giving this testimony for PLEXUS SLIM!Debbie M., LA

I am incredibly wary of any weight management product. I’ve seen far too many people mess up their metabolism for me to want to go anywhere near anything that smacked of an artificial weight management scheme. I’ve never even dieted – just always made smart food choices. So it was huge reservation that I started taking Plexus Slim last summer.

What I have noticed over the last several months is that for the first time in my life, I don’t have to eat every few hours. My partner called me “Groceries” because I always had food with me and we were constantly stopping to eat. I didn’t realize what an obsession it was until it was gone. The other day I actually went 5 1/2 hours without food and I didn’t die or kill anyone. It was a near miracle!

I don’t take Plexus Slim every day but often enough to keep cravings away and the blood sugar level balanced. I seem to be losing inches also but that is a bonus, not a priority. What I know is that my body has stabilized somehow, someway with Plexus Slim because that is the only thing that I have changed in my nutritional supplement routine. A year ago, I would have checked off every symptom of low blood sugar. Last month at a health workshop, I didn’t check off one. Now that’s exciting!

If it works, use it.Jan J.

I have used Plexus Slim for 4 days and can tell a difference already. Before I was taking sleep aides to help me sleep, but now I am sleeping very well without them. That alone would be enough to buy it. But it has also helped to eliminate ALL craving and reduced my food intake substantially.Mary S., Gulfport, MS

I have had high glucose levels and one of the first things I noticed with Plexus Slim was that my craving for sweets were drastically reduced. This made it easy when making meals and shopping to stay away from junk foods. I have lost 15 lbs and probably 2 pant sizes, I’m eating healthier and feeling good. Plexus Slim tastes great and I don’t hesitate to recommend it to a friend. Theresa B., Tempe, AZ.

started to use Plexus Slim in February 2010 weighing 163 pounds, my second week I lost 3 pounds I have lost a total of 10 pounds and 3 inches of my waist line to this date.

Plexus Slim worked for me because I have tried a lot of weight loss products in the past and not one has worked like Plexus Slim. The greatest with Plexus Slim is the fact that there are no stimulants and caffeine.

I have since eliminated soft drinks from my diet and I no longer snack on sweet stuff such as candy, chocolate, cookies just to name a few.
I would highly recommend Plexus Slim to anyone who is willing to give their body a second chance in life.
Gail A., Trinidad.

Wow, Plexus slim is great. I have struggled with my weight over the years and have been on every diet you can think of. I have been taking Plexus slim for four weeks now, when i started i weighed 355 and now i weigh 328. I am very satisfied with Plexus Slim! It is so easy and there is no counting points or weighing food. I just drink it 30 minutes before lunch. I feel better and have more energy. I am also sleeping better than before.Jeffery W., Leakesville, MS.

I lost a total of 10 lbs. since starting Plexus Slim, 8 in my first 6 weeks and the last 2 over the last few months. The best thing is I’ve kept it off which was my goal! I don’t take the Plexus Slim everyday maybe 3-4 times a week. I do love it! I’m very busy during the day and often times let the hours go by without eating. I get so hungry and the hunger changes my mood to say the least. That’s when Plexus Slim comes to my rescue. I’ll take my PS and within 10 minutes I feel great again and of course this give me time to think about what I want to eat instead of just grabbing something easy full of sugar, flour or caffeine. What a great way to take care of myself!!Cheri-lynn B., Las Vegas, NV

I have lost 8pounds in 8 weeks and was gaining 1pound a week prior to that and now have much more energy and have lost many amazing inches. 10″ from waist, 4″ from back, 3″ from hips, 3 ” from each thigh and 1″ from each arm. Plexus Slim is wonderful at curbing appetite and not ever being hungry. Thank youConnie L., AR

I haven’t done anything different than before I started taking Plexus Slim. My Natural Health Care Provider said my Thyroid is so low I should gain weight on water. (Ha Ha) I think I’m doing very well at this, just taking one a day. Thanks for Plexus Slim.Marlene E., SK Canada

It looks like I have also lost weight in my face.Brandi Z., Ocean Springs, MS

I’m thrilled with the results to date and I’m at a stage that I can notice the difference in my clothing. The 7lbs I’ve lost to date seems to be all over as my tape measure assures me I’m losing it from the waist and thighs also.Janice C., NZ

I love your Product – Plexus Slim. (sounds like an ol’ time cowhand , from west of the Pecos)

In my first month, I lost 8 lbs – and I had one other pleasant surprise. At the start my blood- glucose reading was 10.2 and within a few days had dropped a full three points to a more desirable 7.2.Richard S., Vancouver, BC

(Note: Richard is from Canada and the blood-glucose reporting is different than in the USA. We believe that, if Richard’s results were converted to US numbers, they went from 132.6 to 93.6 in just three days. This supports many testimonials we receive from people with blood-glucose issues.)

Feeling energized. Sleeping very well.Mary J., BC Canada

THE GREEN SUEDE BELT. A very special person handmade a gorgeous green suede belt for me in the UK, with a mahogany and 14 Kt gold buckle. I loved it, be alas, haven’t been able to wear it for over fifteen years due to a few too many inches around my waist. After a month on Plexus Slim, I not only can wear it aroundf my waist, but my very special green suede belt can be worn around my hips in the style that is now so popular. Those lost four inches around my waist and the same around my upper hips have brought a treasure back into my lifeDonya G – British Columbia